PRESS RELEASE, November 2, 2017:
The Law Offices of Terence F. Traverso, P.S., is pleased to announce a record jury verdict of $131,000,375.00, obtained on behalf of its client, Melissa Blaylock. 

The verdict, announced today by a King County jury, stems from a lawsuit against a drunk driver and a restaurant/bar.  Melissa Blaylock, a mother of four, was a passenger in her own car.  The driver, her estranged husband, had a blood alcohol level over .21.  After driving only two miles after leaving a restaurant, they were involved in a horrific accident on their way home.  Following the accident, Melissa suffered a spine fracture, which resulted in her being rendered a quadriplegic.  Melissa cannot move her body but feels chronic pain and is trapped in a prison of her own body.

“This is a case of negligence and multiple poor decisions and irresponsibility which resulted in forever changing Melissa’s life,” said Mr. Traverso’s co-counsel and lead trial lawyer, Nick Rowley.  “Melissa will never walk again, will require constant aid for basic everyday tasks, will continue to incur medical bills, and will remain a prisoner of her own body due to this horrific incident.  This could have all been avoided had someone with a BAC of nearly 3 times the legal limit not been behind the wheel.”

The jury deliberated for nearly two days before reaching a record-setting verdict of $51,000,375 in economic damages and $80,000,000 in non-economic damages.  The verdict apportioned fault against all parties in the case, 44% against the restaurant and bar, 39% against the drunk driver, and 17% against Melissa Blaylock.


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Injury lawyer Terence Traverso has recovered many millions of dollars for his clients.  Since the early 1990s when he worked out of the Seattle Police Officers’ Guild, Mr. Traverso has represented injured police officers for their personal injury claims and has earned their trust.  (For more information about Mr. Traverso’s representation of injured police officers, click here.)  His practice has substantially expanded over the years to include non-police/citizen clients as well.  Today his practice is limited to serving the needs of all members of society with serious car accident, personal injury, medical malpractice, or wrongful death claims, whether civilian or police.  For more about Mr. Traverso’s background and experience, click on the About page.  Please also see the Testimonials page to read what clients and the legal community have to say about us.


We are distinguished from other law firms because 100% of our cases involve personal injury or wrongful death.  We represent injured parties exclusively and do not represent big corporations or insurance companies, although we have extensive experience dealing with these defendants. This focus and expertise give our clients a unique advantage and help achieve the maximum settlement or verdict for their case.


If we accept your case, our fee is contingent on a successful monetary recovery.  We do not charge clients any fees unless we win their case.


If you or someone you know has suffered serious injuries due to someone else’s mistake or carelessness, or if a loved one has been the victim of wrongful death, you may be entitled to money damages as compensation.  For a list of the most frequent types of recoverable damages, see our Common Questions page.  Terence Traverso will give you honest and direct answers to your questions and provide a free and no-obligation consultation about your rights.

As Western Washington’s trusted personal injury lawyer, Terence Traverso can be relied upon for professional excellence in your or your loved one’s car accident, medical malpractice, wrongful death, or other personal injury claim.  For a free consultation or to ask questions about your possible case, call us at 425-453-0115.

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